Setting up Jaunt Cloud Services and submitting your content

After getting approved for a JCS account, you should get an email with activation instructions.  


Click the “Create Account” button, which will then prompt you to create a password.



Once you create a password, you will need to accept our EULA to use JCS and publish your content with us.



You will then be greeted with an overview of what JCS can do for you and your content, and how we work together.  Follow the prompts until you get to the "Titles" page.

Click “Add Title” to start the content submission process.



Create a name for your Title, which will serve as the file name in JCS, not how it will appear in the app on our site.



Then you will arrive to the content submission page. Here you will upload all needed assets to publish your content, including:

  • Cut Video (MP4)
    • For MP4 files, make sure it follows the following specifications:
      • Stereoscopic
        • 3840 x 3840 or 4096 x 4096
        • Left eye over Right eye
      • Monoscopic
        • 3840 x 1920 or 4096 x 2048
      • H.264 encoding
      • Minimum Bitrate of 40mbit
      • Audio authored at 48khz
    • Release Name: The name of your content as it will appear in the Jaunt app and website
    • Short Description: Preview text in the app and for social media promotion
    • Long Description: The full description of your Title in our app
    • Poster Frame: The thumbnail image used to feature your content.
    • Category: The section you recommend your content belongs in 
    • Publisher Name: The name of your company or organization

If you encounter any difficulty uploading your assets to JCS through a web browser, use Jaunt Media Manager to upload.

Please note: Once you have uploaded your video file, you will need to select it from the drop down menu to continue with submission.



Once you have uploaded your content, it will automatically start transcoding through our system into the multiple formats needed to publish on all platforms. You can watch the progress by clicking on the “Transcodes” tab.  

You will also get an email notification when your transcode completes, at which point you can return to complete the submission process.



Once your transcode completes, click “Review and Submission” to move on.



Please note: Once you have transcoded your content, you can preview it in our app and on the web by clicking "Get Preview Link".  Try opening it on your phone or in a desktop web browser.

All submissions go through a final quality check from Jaunt before they can go live on our platform to make sure it looks as good as can be.

On the "Review and Submission" panel, double check to make sure all the information is correct and confirm that you own the copyright to the work.

If you want to edit anything, click back on the "Basic Info" panel to edit. This won't affect your completed transcode.

If it all looks good, click “Submit to Jaunt”. 



As soon as you submit, you should see a confirmation dialog box confirming your submission.



Once your content is live on Jaunt, you can log into JCS and see metrics around your contents performance, including a heatmap that shows viewer attention throughout the video.

You can find this feature by clicking open the Properties panel on the right-side of the title page:


Please note: Published videos need a threshold of views before heatmaps are available. 


Thanks again for submitting your content with Jaunt.

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