Title Requirements: Assets & Specs

What is a Title?

A Title is the completed version of your content to be published on the web or through the Jaunt VR app. Every title requires the following assets before it can be submitted for publication:

  • Video Cut
  • Audio Files
  • Poster Frame
  • Release Name
  • Title Descriptions
  • Floor Logo (optional)
  • Bumpers

Video Cut
A video cut is the final, highest quality video file uploaded to Jaunt Cloud Services for distribution across various viewing platforms. Content released by Jaunt can be distributed in two viewing formats:

  • VR: Stereoscopic video with spatialized (Atmos/Ambisonic) audio, intended for the JauntVR App

  • Web360: Monoscopic WebGL video with stereo audio, that can be viewed in a web browser (Facebook, Youtube, Jaunt)

Video File Requirements:

  • Stereoscopic content (preferred): 3840 x 3840 Apple ProRes 422 standard quality, left eye over right eye. FPS: 59.94.  Square pixels.
  • Monoscopic content: should be 4096 x 2048 Apple ProRes 422 standard quality.  FPS: 59.94.  Square pixels.

  • Naming convention: Include the project name, sequence name (if applicable) and a version number (in the event that more than one version needs to be uploaded).  Example:

Audio Files
Different devices and platforms require different audio formats. To deliver your content on all of them, we require that you submit the audio files to Jaunt Cloud Services, which adapts it for universal use across the VR landscape. Please note that the length of each audio master must match the length of the video master to make sure they’re in sync during playback.

Audio File Requirements:

  • Ambisonic (preferred): 4-channel ambisonic .wav file, 16-bit PCM at 48 kHz in WXYZ format (used for VR playback).

  • Stereo: .wav file, 16-bit PCM at 48 kHz (used for web playback).

  • 5.1 ITU Audio Track (L, R, C, LFE, Ls, Rs): This format can also be submitted and will be automatically converted to ambisonic when uploaded to Jaunt Cloud Services.

  • Dolby Atmos: Videos with Dolby Atmos audio require one of the following in addition to the stereo .wav file:
    • PRM Printmaster (exported from RMU)
    • DAMF (.atmos) file (exported from RMU)
    • ec3 bitstream and ambisonic b-format (exported from Dolby VR Toolkit) 
  • Naming convention: Name each audio master file similarly to the video master with the type of audio and version number appended to the end of the file name. This helps avoid confusion when choosing which audio track to replace in Jaunt Cloud Services. Example: PaulMcCartney_LiveLetDie_v02_ambisonic_v01.wav

Poster Frames
A poster frame (or preview image) is an image that best showcases an experience, used in the Jaunt VR app, Jaunt website or on a web player. This is the first image people will see before watching an experience and is required for publishing a title.  Without having prior knowledge or context of your experience, the poster frame is the single most important asset for driving viewers to your content and so it's essential that it's compelling.  Learn more here about creating compelling poster frames.

Image File Requirements:

  • File Type: JPG or PNG (with no transparency)
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels.
  • Naming convention: Project_TitleName_PosterFrame_Dimensions_Version# Example: PaulMcCartney_LiveLetDie_PosterFrame_1920x1080_v01.jpg

See diagram below for safe areas on the poster frame:


Sample Poster Frames

VR version:

Web version:


Release Name
Every title needs a release name, which will appear in the Jaunt VR app, on the Jaunt website and in the WebGL player. The name can have multiple words, but should be no more than 120 characters long.

Title Descriptions
We ask for short and long title descriptions for your content to give viewers some context about the piece before playing it. The short description should be 80 characters or less. The long description should be 400 characters or less. 

Floor Logo
Jaunt has a standard floor logo that can be applied to the video in Jaunt Cloud Services before the transcode process.

Partners have the option to use this floor logo, or combine their own logo with the standard Jaunt floor logo.  If combined, the final look should be consistent with Jaunt and partner branding and agreed upon by the partner and Jaunt Production.

Floor Logo File Requirements:

  • File Type: PNG
  • Resolution: 512x512 (Recommended) or 1024x1024
  • Naming convention: Project_TitleName_FloorLogo_Dimensions_Version#.  Example: PaulMcCartney_LiveLetDie_FloorLogo_512x512_v01.png


Bumpers are Jaunt and/or partner-branded logos that appear before other title overlays at the beginning a piece of content. While there’s no set rule for how a bumper should be applied to an experience, there are some best practices to follow when using them:

  • Keep bumpers short in length (~1-3 sec)
  • Try to incorporate the bumper over footage so the viewer isn’t left in the dark
  • For co-branded pieces, try to play bumpers simultaneously, side-by-side, instead of one after the other

Jaunt has its own set of bumpers it can share with a partner to use for any co-branded content.


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