Playback Controls

Within the Jaunt Player, you are given full control over frame by frame playback, setting in and out points, view types, audio heatmaps, camera mapping, and color modes. For more information about these features see the Advanced Features section.

Basic Playback Controls

1. At the bottom of the video you see playback controls that allow you to pause, set in and out points, frame forward and backwards, and go to next video.  

2. You can access additional control options within the video player by going to Control in the top menu. 

3. As a quick way to access control shortcuts either in VR or watching on your display hit the ? key to bring up the Keyboard Legend.

4. If you want to change the behavior of the player when a video ends, you can modify the player to go to the next video on the playlist, repeat current video, or pause on the last frame.  Options are accessible on the lower right corner of the video player.






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