Update Firmware

Jaunt ONE Controller is used to to update the firmware on Jaunt ONE. Jaunt ONE Controller will come pre-installed with the latest firmware, but there is a manual process to use special firmware packages that have been provided.

To update the firmware for Jaunt ONE, do the following:

  • Launch Jaunt ONE Controller
  • On the toolbar, select 'Rig' > 'Update Firmware'
  • The Update Firmware window will appear
  • Select 'Choose Firmware File' to update using a file provided by Jaunt Support
  • Otherwise, use one of the existing firmware versions by making a selection from the drop-down
  • Select the blue 'Update Firmware' button to begin the update

  • A confirmation dialog will appear. Select OK to proceed.

  • The status will be displayed while all Jaunt ONE camera modules update to the desired firmware version.


When the firmware update completes, the following window will appear. Jaunt ONE will reboot and the LED indicators will flash blue. When the LED indicators are green, perform the following steps:

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