Installing Jaunt ONE Controller

1. Select the following link to download the latest version of Jaunt ONE Controller:

Jaunt ONE Controller download page on HockeyApp

2. Select the Download button on the HockeyApp download page for Jaunt ONE Controller


3. Open the downloaded file on your computer

The filename will appear as Jaunt_ONE_Controller_1.4.0_38307.dmg or similar, depending on the version downloaded. We recommend you download only the latest version of the application to ensure access to all of the latest features. 


4. Drag 'Jaunt ONE Controller' icon into the Applications folder icon

Jaunt ONE Controller application files will copy to the Applications folder on your computer.


5. Double click the Jaunt ONE Controller icon to launch the application. Note: this is the same icon dragged in the previous step


6. If the following popup appears, select Open



7. Jaunt ONE Controller will launch and you can proceed with using your Jaunt ONE camera!

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