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Congratulations on creating such a wonderful VR experience! We’re proud to feature your creation in the Jaunt VR app. Now let’s ensure lots of people download and see it.

Below are instructions and recommendations for how to best promote your VR experience on your website and social media channels. The goal is to have a strong call-to-action (CTA) for audiences  to easily download the VR experience in the Jaunt VR app.

We recommend this CTA: “For the best experience, download the VR version here:”

The deep link to your piece of content will be in this format:

You can find your Link ID in the right panel of JCS where you uploaded your content.


Be sure to use the deep link everywhere you post or promote your piece, so that your followers can easily get the full experience.



The first step of promotion is to place the video trailer prominently on your website. The Jaunt player can be embedded, so that your audience can easily preview the piece in a 360 video format. It is important to make it clear that they can get the full VR version by downloading the Jaunt app, and to clearly include the deep link to your piece.




Next, upload the 360 video or trailer to your Facebook page. We find a short description (usually 1 sentence) works best. Be sure to include the “download” call-to-action and deep link in the description. Pinning the video to the top of your page for a few days and boosting the post will both help it to get more visibility.

*Important: if you have a 360 video to upload, you will have the option to add a CTA button to the end of the video (see upload instructions for details.) Be sure to use this feature, and have it direct back to the deep link: You must implement this at the time that the video is uploaded; you will not have the option to go back and add it later without re-uploading the video.   


Upload the 360 video or trailer to your YouTube account. You can include a slightly longer description here, but it’s imperative to include the deep link in the first two sentences. You will use the same video file for this upload as you did for Facebook.



We have found it is most effective to do 4-5 tweets at different times of the day and night to promote your piece. Please be sure to mention @jauntvr (we’ll RT you), and we recommend using #VR and #virtualreality.

Tweets with images get more visibility, so include the thumbnail image for your piece.



Upload the thumbnail for your piece, BTS pictures, or, if available, a 30-second flat trailer.  In the description, make sure to include “distributed by @jauntvr.” We also recommend adding the CTA and “link in bio,” and then changing the link in your profile to the deep link for a few days. 

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