Submission Checklist: Preparing Assets and Technical Specs (Jaunt Publishing)

Now that your content has been approved for publication, make sure you're providing the best quality source material available so the content looks as good as it possibly can on the Jaunt apps and website.

To publish your content, we need the following items:

  • Video file
  • Audio file (even if audio is embedded into your video, please provide separate audio file)
  • Poster frame
  • Title Name, Short Description, and Long Description

The above is a simplified list of what is needed to publish your content with Jaunt. Now let's go into greater detail about each of the above items.

Video file

Supported formats:

  • ProRes (preferred if available) or High bitrate MP4 (if ProRes is unavailable) 40Mbit, H.264 encoding
  • Stereoscopic content (preferred): 3840 x 3840 Apple ProRes 422 standard quality or MP4, left eye over right eye. Square pixel aspect ratio: 1:1 SAR - 1:1 ; DAR: 1:1
  • Monoscopic content (if stereoscopic is unavailable): should be 4096 x 2048 or 3840 x 1920 Apple Pro Res 422 standard quality or MP4. Square pixel aspect ratio: 1:1 SAR - 1:1 ; DAR: 1:1
  • Frame rate = ATSC standard, 23.976, 24, 25, 29.97, 30, 59.94, or 60
  • Ensure file names have no spaces in them and do not begin with a number
  • If you have a ProRes file available please click here to follow these separate instructions on how to upload it to JCS for transcoding (due to the larger size of ProRes files, uploads over 2GB are only supported using Jaunt Media Manager)


Audio files:

  • Stereo .wav file (required), 16-bit PCM at 48kHz
  • Ambisonic (optional but recommended): 4-channel ambisonic .wav file, 16-bit PCM at 48KHz in FuMa(WXYZ) format (used for spacial VR playback)
  • If you have spatial audio file(s) available please click here to follow these separate instructions on how to upload them to JCS for transcoding 
  • Please make sure that you always submit a stereo audio track with your content.  Spatial audio tracks should be submitted in addition to the stereo audio track.

Videos using Dolby Atmos for audio:

Videos with Dolby Atmos should submit one of the following for audio in addition to the stereo .wav file:

  • PRM Printmaster (exported from RMU)
  • DAMF (.atmos) file (exported from RMU)
  • ec3 bitstream and ambisonic b-format (exported from Dolby VR Toolkit)

Poster Frames

A poster frame is an image that best showcases your content. The poster frame is used in the Jaunt VR app, Jaunt website or in a web player. This is the first image the audience will see before watching an experience and is required for publishing a title. Poster Frames are the most important piece of your submission for attracting viewers.

Learn more here about creating compelling poster frames.

Poster Frame image requirements:

  • File Type: JPG or PNG (with no transparency)
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels minimum
  • Naming convention: No spaces or special characters (underscores are an exception) in the filename

Additional Information

In addition to media assets, all submissions must include the following:

  • Title name: The name of your content as you want it to appear in the Jaunt app. Up to 120 characters.
  • Short description: For preview text in the app and social media. Up to 80 characters.
  • Title description: A description of your content that appears when users look through your content in the app or web player. Up to 280 characters.

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