Other Features

Drop B Frames

Cycles between playing all frames dropping b-frames, and dropping every-other b-frame.  B-frame is a frame type in the h.264 codec that can be skipped over, which can be helpful when running into performance issues with higher bitrate videos.  Skipping b-frame effectively drops the frame rate and is not intended as a permanent solution to performance issues.

Press B” on your keyboard to activate this feature.



Zoom in to factors greater than 1.0 translates the virtual camera forward. Zoom out to factors less than 1.0 widens the field of view.

Press "=" on your keyboard to Zoom In and press "-" to Zoom Out.


Display Frame Rate

Shows the current frame rate of the footage.

Press “R” on your keyboard to activate this feature.


Display Look Orientation

Shows a reticle and the yaw/pitch of the player’s orientation.  Also displays X/Y/Z values for use in Dolby’s ATMOS panner plugin.

Press “A” on your keyboard to activate this feature.

When selected, the screen displays the yaw, pitch and roll direction of the current view. When the user pans around the video, the display updates to show the changes in orientation.


Display Timecode 

Shows the timecode for the video.  Cycles between frames, seconds, and SMPTE timecode.

Press “T” on your keyboard to activate this feature.


Switch Eyes

Toggle between Left/Right, Right/Left, Left only and Right only views.

Press “S” on your keyboard to toggle between the different modes.

2D View

This feature toggles between spherical projection and unwrapped equirectangular image. Useful for quickly referring to the source video layout without having to switch video players.

Press “V” on your keyboard to activate this feature.

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