Creating and Saving Video Playlists

There are multiple ways to create a video playlist and begin reviewing VR videos. Jaunt Player is based on a traditional multiple document model, with .jauntlist as the document type.

Creating Playlists

1. Drag and drop a supported video file into the player to start or add to a exiting playlist. You can also add a video file by going to File>Add Video File.

2. Through the file menu go to File>New Playlist to create a new playlist

3. To save a playlist either go to File>Save Playlist or to modify the name before saving File>Save Playlist As.

Tip: Exiting and reopening the Jaunt Player will restore the last saved playlist for easy access.  

4. You can also open and modify a saved playlist by going to File>Open Playlist.

Editing Playlists

1. Once you have created a playlist clicking on any video item will initiate playback in a seperate window. Videos will playback in the order defined by the playlist.

Tip: Multiple Playlist windows can be open simultaneously. There is one player window for the application.

2. Video items are ordered based on the sequence they were added to a playlist. Drag and drop videos within a playlist to change their sort order.

Tip: You can also click in the column headers to re-order playlists alphabetically.

3. To delete or duplicate a item on the playlist select a video item and go to Edit>Delete or Edit>Duplicate. The delete key also serves a similar function

4. Right clicking on a video item or going to Edit>Get Info will provide more details about the video file including file path, frame rate, layout, resolution, codec, audio, and much more.   

Tip: Supported file types are MP4, MOV, WAV, MP3 and PNG.  See the Supported File Types for more information.

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