Creating a Cut

There are three ways to create a Cut: 

  • Promote a High Quality Clip Render straight to Cut in JCS
  • Upload a video file through JCS
  • Upload a video file through Jaunt Media Manager


Promoting a Clip to Cut in Jaunt Cloud Services

After producing a High-Quality render of a clip, click the "Promote to Cut" button to promote the clip to a cut.

The cut will now appear in the "Edit" section as a new Cut. 


Uploading a video through JCS

This is the most common method of creating a cut, since the clip will first be edited in a third party application such as Adobe Premiere and then uploaded into JCS. To begin, go to the Cuts view within the project, and click the "Upload Cut" link.


Uploading a video through Jaunt Media Manager

Another way to upload a video after off-line editing in a third party tool is to use the Jaunt Media Manager desktop application. To begin uploading the file, first launch Jaunt Media Manager.

Select Upload in the Edit section. 

Select the project name in the Project field and select 'videos' in the adjacent drop-down menu.

Choose the video file to upload by selecting the 'Select File...' button.

Navigate to the file and select the Upload button.

Now select the blue Upload button to begin uploading the file for the Cut. 

Once the video file has finished uploading, it will automatically appear as a Cut under the "Edit" tab in Jaunt Cloud.

Adding Audio

The audio track on the video file is automatically uploaded and applied to the Cut. If you want to use a different audio track (recommended for higher quality), you can upload these additional audio tracks from your Cut page in JCS, or under the same Upload section of Jaunt Media Manager. Be sure to select 'audio' in the drop-down menu when uploading the audio file.

When audio files have been uploaded, they will appear as audio options for any Cuts within the project. Just click the "Edit" button on the Cut page.  

Then, choose the audio track from the drop down menu:

These audio formats will be applied to the video transcodes once saved and the Cut is rendered.

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