Clip Renders

Clip renders are the individual output files from clips, rendered by Jaunt Cloud using specific render settings and profiles.

Jaunt recommends using Firefox version 51 or higher for downloading material from Jaunt Cloud Services (JCS).

As shown above there are two kinds of renders: Preview Outputs and High Quality Renders. 

Preview Outputs are intended for generating a quick preview of content to determine whether or not to use that footage for editorial. 

Preview renders use a simple, geometry based stitching algorithm that we've optimized for speed at the cost of some artifacts and quality.
  • Useful for generating selects and rough cuts.
  • We use a metric to measure how fast the render will run, where 1X is would be returning frames in real-time 60FPS.
  • Preview renders can run as fast as 1X.

High-Quality Outputs are intended for use during the editorial process.

High Quality renders utilize an algorithm developed by Jaunt's computational photography team. This is using several techniques to "solve" where the pixels should be in space and depth for the left and right eye virtual camera views.
  • This is the best "stitch" we can provide today, at the cost of a more computationally expensive render.
  • Using the same metric above, highquality renders can take ~30-50X to render and require more compute nodes to do the larger amount of processing.
  • This is why we limit the amount of HQ rendering that we can give away for free. The quality and stereo output will be significantly better than a preview quality render.
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