Preview Renders

After organizing a recording, you can render a preview stitch of your footage for review.

1. To modify the start and end time of your preview clip, click the head or tail time labels at the bottom of the preview box.  

2. Click the Render button to begin the render process.

When your render begins, you will see a progress bar and a preview image in the box.


Note: You can cancel the render at any time, which will just result in a shortened clip.

3. When the preview is completed, click the green camera button to reveal the preview video file in Finder.  This file can also be viewed in VR using the Jaunt Player.

NOTE: For efficiency, the preview render is low-resolution and intended for quick checking of recording integrity only.  For full quality stitches and resolution, recordings must be uploaded to Jaunt Cloud.

Go to Step 4: Upload

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