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Welcome to the Jaunt Help Center! Here you will find articles, documentation, download links, FAQs, and other information for Jaunt hardware, software tools, and cloud services.

Note: This is beta-phase software and is in flux (with a constant flow of new features, fixes, and other updates). Use the Submit a Ticket link to report bugs, problems, or suggest improvements. We are looking forward to refining our tools and welcome contributions to optimize them to the benefit of our Customers!


There are four main areas covered in the Jaunt Help Center documentation. These areas cover the production workflow for creating content.

  1. Capture
      • Setup of Jaunt ONE camera
      • Best Practices for using Jaunt ONE
      • Using Jaunt Slate to slate your Jaunt ONE recordings
  2. Upload
      • Using Jaunt Media Manager Mac OS X software to import your footage and upload to Jaunt Cloud Services
  3. Jaunt Cloud Services
      • Login and Administration of a Jaunt Cloud Services account
      • Using Jaunt Cloud Services to stitch your recording
  4. Playback of Material
      • Instructions for downloading and using the Jaunt Player with an Oculus DK2 rig on OS X or Windows
      • Note: Please contact Creator Support,, if you wish to publish your content with Jaunt.

Software Requirements

  1. Jaunt Slate
      • iOS device. Android and Windows Phones are not currently supported
  2. Jaunt Media Manager
      • 15" MacBook Pro (2015 or newer)
      • MacOS Yosemite, El Capitan, or Sierra
      • Windows and Linux are not supported
  3. Jaunt Cloud Services
      • Chrome Browser recommended
      • Safari and Firefox supported
      • Internet Explorer is not supported
  4. Jaunt Player
      • Mac OS X Yosemite/10.10 or Mavericks/9.9 or Windows 10
      • Oculus Runtime - reference Jaunt Player installation for info
      • Linux is not supported

Thank you for using Jaunt to create compelling live action cinematic realities!

If you have any questions, please review the articles located in the Help Center. If you are unable to locate answers, use the Submit a Ticket link to immediately get in contact with us!

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