User Management

The Admin page in Jaunt Cloud Services allows admins to manage the user accounts in the organization. The Admin page can be accessed by selecting your username on the right side of the JCS toolbar and then selecting Dashboard.

From the Dashboard, selecting the Users section will allow management of accounts in the organization. Note - only organization administrators can see the Users section.

Select the Users link to open the Users page.


Adding Users

To create a new user, select the “+ Add User” link on the Users page. The Add User to <your organization name> window will appear. The email address and nickname you enter into the respective fields must be unique. For more information about permissions, see below. A new user’s status will be “pending” until the user activates their account and creates a password.

When adding a new user, do not use any spaces or special characters. Camel case capitalization is recommended (ie: John Smith-Jackson would become 'JohnSmithJackson').

The User Permissions in Jaunt Cloud Services article outlines the different features accessible to the various levels of permissions. 

Editing Users

To change a user’s information or permissions, select the user's name in the list and an edit window will appear. All fields are permitted to be edited, except for the email address.  If you are an administrator for more than one organization, be sure to select the organization first.


Revoke User Access

You can also revoke a user's access to your organization. To do so, select the user in the list, choose "None" for Permission and then click "Save".

Note: When a user is added to Jaunt Cloud Services and activates their account, the user can then download Jaunt Media Manager and log in to the application with the same email and password used for JCS. All users are allowed to upload content from Jaunt Media Manager to Jaunt Cloud Services for existing projects, but only admins can create a new project to upload to.

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