Step 2: Import

After Setup is complete, it’s time to start importing data from your SD cards. If you are importing from a backup copy of your SD cards, skip to Importing From Hard Drive or SD Card Backup.

Attach the USB 3.0 hubs and card readers to your computer (see Required Equipment).  When you are ready to plug in your SD cards, follow the steps below:

1. Select the Import section text in the lefthand sidebar.

2. Plug in your first SD card. You should see it populate in the Import section.

Once it appears in the Import section, continue plugging in cards one by one until you have four total SD cards plugged in. Note: over the entire process, you will import four batches of four cards each, plus your audio card.

IMPORTANT: Occasionally you may plug in an SD card and it will not populate the screen. First, check your Finder to see if your computer recognized the SD card. If it did not, unplug the SD card and plug it back in. If Finder did read the SD card but Jaunt Media Manager failed to, wait until your current ingest session has completed. Eject all of your SD cards, and plug in the SD card that Jaunt Media Manager failed to read again. Jaunt Media Manager should now start importing that SD card’s data. 

3. After you have plugged in your SD cards, you can monitor the import progress in the Import section of Jaunt Media Manager.

Active Sources reveals the number of sources that are currently being imported. This number does NOT reflect the total number of SD cards you have currently plugged in, but the total number of SD cards Jaunt Media Manager is pulling data from. Active Sources is helpful to monitor when you are plugging in cards one by one. As you plug in an SD card, be sure the number increases as this indicates Jaunt Media Manager is evaluating its data.

Percentage Complete reveals how much of the data that Jaunt Media Manager is currently importing has been completed. For example, when your first batch of SD cards has finished importing, Percentage Complete will read 100%. 

4. When Percentage Complete shows 100% and the eject icon no longer appears for this batch of SD cards, you are ready to import your second batch of SD cards. Remove the first four SD cards and plug four more SD cards in following the same steps as before. Percentage Complete will show a number less than 100% and gradually increase to 100% when the import for this batch has completed. Repeat this step for all SD cards for the camera modules.

Note - when Jaunt Media Manager displays "100%" for Percentage Complete, please allow the application to complete the processing of the card and eject the card before you remove the physical media from the reader.

5. After you have imported all of the camera SD cards, plug in the 16GB SD card from the TASCAM Audio Recorder. Jaunt Media Manager will automatically recognize this data as audio and filter it accordingly during the import. Jaunt recommends importing audio after all camera SD cards have been imported.

6. When all 25 SD cards have been imported (24 cards from the camera system + 1 audio recorder), you are ready to begin organizing your data.


Continue to Step 3: Organize & Lock



Importing Footage From Hard Drive or SD Card Backup

In the event the Jaunt ONE SD cards with the recordings have been backed up without (or prior to) importing through Jaunt Media Manager, here is procedure to import:

  1. In Jaunt Media Manager, select File > Add Recordings Directory
  2. Navigate to the folder containing the data from the 25 SD cards (24 video folders and a single audio folder) and select the Open button
  3. Continue to Step 3: Organize & Lock



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