Step 1: Setup

Follow the steps below to set up Jaunt Media Manager for footage import.  

Important: Do NOT plug in any SD cards yet.

Select the directory Jaunt Media Manager will import your SD media to.  

1. Open the Jaunt Media Manager app on your laptop.

2. In your menu bar, select File > Add Recordings Directory.

3. Navigate to the external hard drive where you want to stage your media.  

IMPORTANT: When choosing where you import your data, keep in mind the total hard drive capacity required for all your media sources.  For a two hour shot on Jaunt ONE, we recommend a 2TB external hard drive with Thunderbolt connection.

4. Select New Folder to create a project or session folder on the drive. Refrain from using spaces in the folder name.

Example: you have three days of footage, and you are ingesting the morning of day one’s footage. Name the folder: ProjectName_Day1_Morning

5. Select Open to set the folder as your Recordings Directory. It should now appear in Jaunt Media Manager in the lefthand sidebar.

6. Next, set this as the directory your media will import to by selecting it as a your Primary Directory.  Right-click your Recordings Directory, then select Set Primary.

7. Your directory should now be highlighted green and you are ready to proceed with importing. 


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