Home Screen

After the operator has slated a shot, a record of the shot appears on the home screen. Each subsequent shot appears on the home screen in a scrollable list, with the most recent shot listed at the top of the screen.

Each item in the list shows the project name, scene name, take number, and thumbnail (if taken). Selecting a shot will display the edit page with all the detailed information for the shot.

On the right side of each line, the processing status is displayed as an icon:

  • Checkmark means the data was successfully uploaded to Jaunt Cloud
  • Cloud with arrow means the data is next to be processed
  • Dash means the data has not been processed yet

If there is no internet connection on the device, shots will remain unprocessed and the dash icon will be displayed. Any unprocessed shots will upload to Jaunt Cloud Services when the operator launches Jaunt Slate and when the device is connected to the internet (through wifi or a cellular network). The app cannot upload shots in the background if another app takes focus of the device.

To clear the list of shots on the home screen, tap the Clear Uploaded Items button. Select this button to only remove shots that have already been uploaded to Jaunt Cloud. Any unprocessed items will remain on the device until they are uploaded.

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