Setting up a Shot

Jaunt Slate's home screen contains two buttons:

  • New Shot - creates a new shot
  • Clear Uploaded Items - removes shots that have been uploaded to Jaunt Cloud Services

To begin using Jaunt Slate, select the New Shot button. The Play screen will be shown:

The 'Volume' and 'Music' adjusters at the top of the screen control relate to the following:

  • The Volume slider controls the volume of the sound. Maximum volume is recommended for best results.
  • The Music on/off switch toggles an extra musical arpeggio when the Jaunt Slate sound is played. Music 'Off' is useful if more discretion is needed. The "white noise" sound is required to properly slate Jaunt ONE and is always played.

The additional input fields allow the Jaunt ONE operator to record information about each shot. The operator can enter this information into each field by selecting the field to bring up the keyboard. The information added to these fields is encoded in the video and audio files during the take and can be edited afterwards in Jaunt Media Manager.

If this is not the first take, the fields in subsequent takes will be auto-populated with information from the previous take. The take number will increment by 1.

Additional notes on Input Fields:

  • The Mic # field should reflect the serial number on the TetraMic used with Jaunt ONE. Entering the microphone information into this field will result in the highest quality audio processing, since each TetraMic has unique calibration characteristics. If no TetraMic is used, it is acceptable to leave this field blank.
  • Selecting the Camera icon or anywhere in the large square area at the bottom of the screen displays the device's photo capture screen. Any photo the operator takes will be associated with the unique slate for the take and uploaded to Jaunt Cloud Services. The image could be anything - a visual reminder of a location or take, camera setup, or even a photo of textual information. It's for the operator and post‐production staff use only. Camera access must be enabled in your device settings for Jaunt Slate to use this feature.
  • Information on the Jaunt's conventions for setting Scene, Setup and Take can be found in the Partner Naming Conventions article.

After populating the fields, select Play at the top of the app. If the device's volume is too low, a warning message may appear:

After closing the dialog box by selecting 'OK', the operator can adjust the volume as best as the circumstances allow, and select Play again to play the sound. The screen will display a visual cue while the sound is playing.

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