What Is Needed To Use Jaunt VR?

  1. High-Speed Internet Connection - A high-speed, broadband internet connection is a must-have to view Jaunt VR content without interruption. Examples of a high-speed, broadband internet connection include DSL, cable, and FiOS. The first time a piece of Jaunt VR content is selected for viewing, the Jaunt VR app will download the piece and buffering may occur during this initial playback. The potential for buffering is significantly less when using a high-speed internet connection.

    Cellular data internet connections (3G, 4G, LTE, etc.) provided by mobile wireless carriers are not considered broadband internet connections and often lack the download speed needed to view Jaunt content without disruption.

    While it is possible to launch and view Jaunt VR content using a cellular data internet connection, the likelihood for buffering increases and a significant amount of data usage will occur (which may incur additional costs for data, depending on the wireless plan).

  2. Download the Jaunt VR App - Jaunt VR is available on the following storefronts:

    iOS App Store
    Google Play Store
    PlayStation VR
    Oculus Store
    Windows Mixed Reality

    To download the app, first ensure that you are connected to a high-speed Internet connection. The app download requires an adequate amount of available space on your device; we recommend at least 2GB of space for the best viewing experience.

  3. Mobile Device or VR Head Mounted Display - Jaunt VR can be used on popular mobile devices and head mounted displays (HMDs) to view the best and latest immersive 360° content.

    Mobile Devices

    iPhone - A list of compatible iOS devices is located HERE.
    Android - A list of compatible Android devices is located HERE.

    Head Mounted Displays (aka HMDs)

    PlayStation VR
    Oculus Rift
    HTC Vive
    Windows Mixed Reality

  4. HeadphonesRealistic audio is a major component of the immersive 360° content viewing experience. Jaunt VR's experiences all include ambisonic audio or Dolby Atmos, which provide full-sphere surround sound.

    For the best Jaunt VR experience, we recommend using a pair of high-quality stereo headphones while viewing.

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