How To Use A Viewer QR Code

When using a viewer with your mobile device and the Jaunt VR app, scanning the QR code specific for your viewer can optimize your viewing experience.

Viewers usually have QR codes on the unit or included in the documentation. These QR codes contain details about the viewer that will tell Jaunt VR (and other Google Cardboard compatible apps) how to best display content for the viewer. 

To use the QR code for your viewer in Jaunt VR, perform the following steps:

  • Launch Jaunt VR on your device
  • Put the app into "viewer" mode by selecting the icon located in the bottom right of the screen
    • IMG_2632.PNG
  • Your display will change into "viewer" mode as shown below
  • Select the "gear" icon located beneath the divider
    • IMG_2631.PNG
  • Select "Switch Viewer:" and grant permission to the app to access your camera, if asked
    • IMG_2633.PNG
  • Locate the QR code for your viewer and scan it with your device
    • IMG_2635.PNG
  • A message will appear on your device's screen when the QR code has been scanned
    • IMG_2634.PNG

We recommend that you restart the Jaunt VR app after scanning the QR code.

In the event that you are unable to use the Jaunt VR app after scanning your QR code, please submit a ticket and include an picture of the QR code you are using.

If you wish to reset your viewer setting in Jaunt VR, use the following Google Cardboard viewer QR code:



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