Import Sequence XML

Jaunt Cloud Services (JCS) offers the Import Sequence XML feature to accept XML files exported from Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, or other third-party programs, to easily create multiple clips and initiate renders.

To begin, first download your preview recordings or clips from your project in JCS. Ensure that you keep the filenames intact during this entire process, as JCS needs to reference this information when importing the XML in a future step. 

Add the downloaded preview recording to your project in Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, or other third-party editing tool. Perform the edits needed for your editorial. When you are finished editing the start and end points for your recordings in the third-party editor and are ready to create the clips in JCS, export the XML file.

Instructions for exporting XML files:

When the XML file has been created, perform the following steps to use the Import Sequence XML in JCS:

  • Log in to JCS
  • Access the project page for the previously downloaded recordings or clips
  • Select the "Sequences" link from the left side navigation
    • Screen_Shot_2017-07-11_at_1.12.07_PM.png
  • Select the "Import Sequence XML" link on the page
    • Screen_Shot_2017-07-11_at_1.14.59_PM.png
  • Locate the XML file exported from the third-party video editor
  • The following menu will appear
    • Screen_Shot_2017-06-16_at_11.18.58_AM.png
    • The name of the sequence can be updated by changing the "Sequence Name" field
    • "Clip Handle Length" specifies the number of frames added to both the head and tail of the clips, to provide additional flexibility in the edit
    • "Create clip" is used to create clips and is included in case a clip has been imported in the sequence file, but does not need to be created in JCS
    • "Render clip" is used to select clips for rendering (preview or HQ can be selected in the next step)
    • The "In / Out" fields determine the head and tail times of the clips and should be double-checked to ensure accuracy with your editor's timeline.
    • Select the "Continue" button after verifying your sequence
  • After selecting "Continue" the following menu will appear
    • Screen_Shot_2017-06-16_at_11.20.39_AM.png
    • In this menu the type of render can be selected and render parameters set
    • "Render Quality" specifies the type of render, note that "High-Quality" renders will affect render balance
    • Select "Preview" or "High-Quality" and set the render parameters, if needed
    • Additional notification emails can be added to the "Other email addresses" field to provide alerts to others when the renders finish
    • Select the "Create Sequence" button to finish creating the clips in the sequence and to initiate the renders for clips with the "Render Clip" box checked in the "Sequence Queue"


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