Multi-Factor Authentication

Jaunt Cloud Services (JCS) provides optional Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for an extra layer of protection. With MFA enabled, when a user signs in to JCS, they will be prompted for their user name and password, as well as for an authentication code from their MFA device. Together, these multiple factors provide increased security for your organization's content.

To have MFA enabled for your organization, please submit a ticket HERE

When MFA is enabled, users in your organization will be prompted to create a MFA device upon their next successful login to JCS. All users must use MFA, regardless of access level, when this setting is enabled for your organization.

Subsequent logins will require the authentication code, in additional to user name and password.

First Time MFA Setup

  • Install Google Authenticator (available for Android and iOS devices)
    • Visit app store for your device
    • Search for Google Authenticator
    • Download and install the app
  • Launch Google Authenticator
  • On a separate device, sign in to Jaunt Cloud Services
  • Select 'Get MFA Token'
    • Screen_Shot_2017-06-12_at_3.35.23_PM.png
  • In Step #3, open the link to 'display your QR code'
    • Screen_Shot_2017-06-12_at_3.35.45_PM.png
  • In Google Authenticator, select the '+' and select 'Scan barcode'
  • Scan the QR code to create the MFA entry for JCS
  • A 6-digit token will appear in Google Authenticator, use this token to complete the setup

Reset MFA

If a JCS user loses their MFA device, an organization administrator can reset the MFA in Dashboard > Users > User's account and select 'Reset MFA' as shown below:


After selecting 'Reset MFA' the user will prompted to follow the First Time Setup steps again.


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