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Q: What exactly is changing in Jaunt Cloud Services in regards to pricing?
A: Jaunt Cloud customers will continue to receive all Preview renders at no cost, and any changes only apply to High Quality stitching.

  • Existing "render minutes" will now become "render units"
  • Users can now purchase individual units (rather than a '15 minute' block)
  • Cost will be $300 per (1) unit

1 unit is equivalent to our former 1 minute of HQ stitched and rendered output at a 4K resolution with 59.94 frames per second.

Resolution Multiplier:

4K 1X
6K 2X
8K 4X

Frame Rate Multiplier:

25fps and 29.97fps 0.5X
50fps and 59.94fps 1X
120fps 2X

One (1) unit has the following equivalents.

Resolution Frame Rate Duration
4K 59.94 fps 1 minute
4K 120 fps 30 seconds
6K 59.94 fps 30 seconds
6K 120 fps  15 seconds
8K 59.94 fps 15 seconds
8K 120 fps 7.5 seconds

Thus, if you wished to render (as an example) 5 minutes of HighQuality stitching at an 8K resolution from recordings that are 120fps, then you would need to purchase forty (40) units, as 5 minutes * 4X for resolution * 2X for double frame rate.

Q: Why are you introducing this increase in price? 
A: Previously, our pricing was at a discounted rate as we developed our stitching service. This was to encourage our early customers as they helped us build and test our evolving system. We are rolling out new features and pricing to cover the range of services offered.


Q: How do I purchase additional render units?
A: See this article



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