Using Media Manager to Download

Jaunt Media Manager now features the ability to download video files from your projects in Jaunt Cloud Services directly. This feature provides easy access to download all of the recordings and/or clips for your projects, while maximizing download speed and provides a more robust connection when compared to using a browser to download.

Accessing Download

To access the download feature, launch Jaunt Media Manager and log in with your Jaunt Cloud Services account details. 

From the main Jaunt Media Manager screen, select the Download option in the left side of the window:


Adding Project Recordings to Download Queue

To begin, first select the "+ Add Project" button to add the project containing the renders you wish to download or you can alternatively provide the custom download URL for the render. The custom download URL for the render can be copied in Jaunt Cloud Services and pasted into the "Custom Download URL" field in Jaunt Media Manager after copying from JCS. 

When selecting the "+ Add Project" button, a menu with a list of projects in your Jaunt Cloud Services organization will appear along with their download options:


 Next to each Project are two selectable radio buttons:

  • Rec Preview - Full duration recordings stitched using the Preview quality stitch.
  • Clip HQ - Clips that have been created in JCS and use the High Quality stitch.

Checking one or both of these options is permitted, whether you want to download everything in the project or just the recordings or the clips. Select the "Add to Queue" button to add the checked project(s) recordings and/or clips to your queue.

The "Customize Default" link offers further personalization of the download settings for recordings and clips. Use this link to set a different location to download to and to specify the format of the recordings or clips you want to download.

Video formats available:

  • Recording Preview - Download Mono MP4 or Stereo MP4
  • Clip HQ - Download Mono MP4, Stereo MP4, Mono ProRes, or Stereo ProRes

Start the Download

After selecting the project(s) to download recordings and/or clips from (or alternatively, providing a Custom Download URL), the Download list will include all recordings and clips queued for download:


To commence the download, select the Start button. 

The download progress is displayed in the bottom right corner of the window along with an estimated time remaining.

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