How To Select Buttons When Using Jaunt VR In 'Viewer' Mode?

When using a viewer, such as the Google Cardboard viewer, use Jaunt VR in 'Viewer' or 3D mode. This mode displays a slightly different image for the left and right eyes, which will create a 3D or stereoscopic feel. In this mode, device's display cannot be touched with a fingertip because the device is placed in the viewer and the screen is out-of-reach.

To navigate the menus and to select buttons in Jaunt VR in 'Viewer' mode, locate the small circle reticle on the screen and move your head to position the reticle over a button. When the reticle is held over a button for 1 second, the button will display an animated circle and then the button will be selected. This is how you 'click' or select buttons while in 'Viewer' mode.

If you are not using a viewer and use Jaunt VR in 2D or monoscopic mode, select buttons by placing a finger on the device's screen. To use Jaunt VR in 2D mode, select '2D' in the bottom right corner of the display (as seen in the above screenshot).

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