PlayStation VR and Jaunt VR app FAQ

Below are a few answers to frequently asked questions regarding the use of our app, Jaunt VR, with a PlayStation VR.

Q: Jaunt VR is not available when I visit the PlayStation Store. Why?

A: As of July 11th, 2017, Jaunt VR is currently only available to PSVR accounts in the United States, Canada, UK, Australia, and China regions, due to restrictions from Sony / PlayStation. We do not have an estimate for when Jaunt VR will be available in your region, but we will continue to push for it being made available to everyone with a PSVR.

Q: The buttons are too small and far away and I can't use them. How do I fix this?

A: Face forward and hold the OPTIONS button to recenter your viewpoint. This should be done once each time that you run the application for the best experience.

Q: The videos appear blurry all of the time or are sometimes blurry. Is there a way to make the videos sharper and more clear?

A: Video resolution is automatically selected based on the available Internet bandwidth, which can vary over time. There is no option to modify the video resolution. Even at the highest quality level, the picture quality will not be as crisp as watching a video on your TV.

Q: The application is not doing anything when I gaze at the buttons or other areas I want to view. How do I play a video?

A: Input into Jaunt VR is performed by using the X and O buttons on the DualShock 4 controller. Look at the video that you wish to play and press X button on the controller to make your selection.

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