Time Lapse

Time Lapse Overview

In time lapse mode, Jaunt ONE captures JPEG images with a specified interval between shots for a specified duration of time. The images are saved to the SD cards inserted into Jaunt ONE camera modules. Individual captures are fully synchronized across every module of the camera rig. Just like the movie capture mode on Jaunt ONE, exposure and gain are fully configurable per module in time lapse mode using Jaunt ONE Controller.

Switching Camera Modes

Time lapse mode can be enabled using Jaunt ONE Controller or through a series of actions using the capture button located on the handle of Jaunt ONE. 

Entering Time Lapse Mode Using Capture Button on Jaunt ONE

Two short and two long presses of the Jaunt ONE capture button enable time lapse mode.

Here are step-by-step instructions for enabling time lapse using the Jaunt ONE capture button:

  • Turn on Jaunt ONE
  • After the camera start-up procedure completes, ensure all indicator LEDs on the camera are green
  • Perform the following sequence to enable time lapse mode using the button located on the handle of Jaunt ONE:
    • 2 "short" presses (less than half a second)
    • 1 "long" press (more than half a second)
    • 1 "long" press

The camera will restart and now be in time lapse mode. The indicator LEDs on Jaunt ONE will be orange when the camera is in time lapse mode.

Entering Time Lapse Mode Using Jaunt ONE Controller

Jaunt ONE Controller permits the enabling of the time lapse mode on Jaunt ONE and is the recommended method from enabling and using this feature, allowing the ability to configure the interval and duration.

Here are the step-by-step instructions for enabling time lapse using Jaunt ONE Controller:

  • Launch Jaunt ONE Controller (alpha build)
  • Select Camer Mode
  • Select the Timelapse column and modify the interval and shooting time as desired
  • Select the Commit button
  • Jaunt ONE will save these changes and reboot (reboot is require when switching between video and timelapse modes)

Time Lapse Configuration

There are two parameters used to configure time lapse mode: interval and duration.

The time lapse interval specifies the length of time between each image capture. The default time between each capture is 3 seconds. 3 seconds is the minimum interval between each capture.

The time lapse duration time specifies how long the camera will capture images before automatically stopping. Jaunt ONE can be configured to capture a time lapse for a single image or capture as many as will fit on the storage media. A single 64 GB SD card will hold approximately 100,000 frames. The default duration time is 12 hours.

Exposure and gain controls can be adjusted using Jaunt ONE Controller to ensure proper setup for the time lapse scene. 1/10 is the maximum shutter speed available for time lapse.

Time Lapse Usage

When you are ready to begin the time lapse, press the record button to start the time lapse capture. The Jaunt ONE module's indicator LEDs will briefly go dark during the exposure of the image then immediately turn a dark orange color. As the camera counts down to the next exposure the LEDs will light up to bright yellow in sequence around the equator.

Press the record button again at any time to stop the current time lapse. A new time lapse will be created for each start and stop cycle. 

When the capture portion of the time lapse project is complete, use Jaunt Media manager to import and upload the footage.

For time lapse projects exceeding 1000 images per module, note that Jaunt ONE will organize the images into folders containing 1000 images each.

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