Jaunt Cloud Services Cost and Pricing

Jaunt Cloud Services provide the most cost-effective post-production solution for stitching, rendering, editing, and media management.

Stitch and Render Costs

Low-Resolution ("Preview Quality") renders are FREE.

The first 2 units of High-Quality renders are FREE to organizations new to Jaunt Cloud Services to evaluate the stitching and rendering solution.

In addition to the complimentary two (2) High-Quality render units, organizations can purchase additional units of High-Quality rendering for $300 per unit. 

One unit of High-Quality rendering is equal to one minute of 60 frames-per-second 4K resolution stitched and rendered output. Reference the table below for costs associated with other resolutions and frame rates:


Note: 6K and 8K resolutions apply to footage captured with Jaunt ONE only.

JCS Budget Calculator

A render budget calculator is available in JCS for users with administrator permissions to determine an approximate render cost. 

To access the JCS Budget Calculator, visit the Render Time & Payments page and select the "How many units do I need?" link.

Storage Costs

Jaunt Cloud Services will store your raw and rendered footage for 3 months, free of charge, from the date of upload and/or rendering. After 3 months, storage fees will apply. Organization administrators will be notified in advance of any potential fees levied for storage of footage.

Please submit a ticket if there are any additional questions about pricing.

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