Using Jaunt Media Manager to Upload Assets

Please note - to access Jaunt Media Manager, a full access user account for Jaunt Cloud Services is needed.
First, log into JCS and create the project (if it does not already exist).
Select the 'Add Project' link.
Provide a name for the project and select the 'Add Project' button.
Now, download and install Jaunt Media Manager. Jaunt Media Manager is available to download HERE.
Launch Jaunt Media Manager. 

Log in to Jaunt Media Manager with the email address and password used for JCS.

Select 'Upload' in the left panel under 'Edit.' 


There are 4 steps to uploading each asset:

  1. Select the project
  2. Choose the type of asset
  3. Select the asset file
  4. Initiate the upload

Select The Project

The Upload section will be shown on the right. A series of fields will be displayed, the first field is the 'Project' field. Select the project in the drop-down list.


Select Asset Type

Select the field next to the project field to choose the type of asset to upload:

  • video file
  • poster frame
  • floor logo
  • audio file

Example: For a ProRes or H.264 MP4 file, select  'videos.' For an Atmos audio file, select 'audio.'


Select Asset File

Use the 'Select File' button to navigate to the source file to be uploaded.


Initiate The Upload

Now, select “Upload” to upload the asset. The asset will upload into JCS and will appear in the project under 'Assets.'


The assets uploaded can now be assigned to a Title.

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