Stitching - Camera Distance

Camera distance parameters can be set in Jaunt Cloud Services when rendering High-Quality videos to produce a better stitch. The distance parameters guide the stitching algorithm when transitioning from the stereo (equator) to mono (top and bottom poles) modules in footage shot using Jaunt ONE. When shooting with Jaunt ONE, measurements should be taken on-set to determine the two parameter distances:

  • Distance from ground to camera equator
  • Distance from camera equator to closest object above camera (if shooting outdoors in open space, this measurement can be skipped and the maximum value of 10000 used)

Note: Measurements must be taken in centimeters. 



To enter the camera distance parameters in JCS, start a High-Quality render and select the Stitching option in the Render High-Quality Videos window to view the parameter fields:


The following are acceptable ranges for the camera distance parameters:

  • Distance from ground to camera - 155cm minimum, 10000cm maximum
  • Distance from closest object above camera - 100cm minimum, 10000cm maximum
    • If shooting outdoors and the sky is the closest object above camera, use 10000cm when entering a value for this parameter in JCS
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