Color - Degree of Adaptation (White Balance)

The latest Jaunt Cloud Services release (on June 02, 2017) includes an update to the automatic white balance correction applied to footage during the stitching process.

By default, all JCS renders have an automatic white balance correction applied when the footage is stitched in preview or HQ quality. Renders previously had a degree of adaptation, which was a blend between a pure neutral white balance and the measured color temperature. Thus, if your footage had warm (tungsten) lighting, then the footage was still a bit warm rather than pure neutral. The latest default white balance results in renders that are closer to true white, without this aesthetic adaptation.

The past or present white balance correction can be toggled in the “Color” options panel before starting a render by selecting or deselecting the "Degree of Adaptation" checkbox. 


By default, 'Degree of Adaption' should be toggled off (i.e., unchecked), resulting in a neutral white balance.

If Degree of Adaptation is checked, the previous white balance correction will be applied (e.g., warmer whites). This parameter should be used if you need backwards compatibility.

Examples of White Balance / Degree of Adaptation:




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