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Launching Video Feed
Adjusting Exposure During Video Feed
Launch Video Feed For Individual Modules

The Video Feed feature allows Jaunt ONE operators to see a live view from the camera as a method of previewing what the camera sees in real-time. The Video Feed feature is available when using the Jaunt ONE Controller application in conjunction with Jaunt ONE camera. Use Video Feed to view and adjust your scene setup prior recording.

NOTE: Video Feed is unavailable under the following scenarios:

1. The camera capture rate is set to 120 FPS
2. During recording 

Launching Video Feed

Launch Video Feed after connecting to Jaunt ONE by selecting the the Video Feed Setup button in Jaunt ONE Controller.


In the Video Feed Setup window, up to 8 modules may be selected for streaming or to choose a preset layout of modules. Select the blue Start Video Feed button to begin streaming from the modules highlighted purple.


Jaunt ONE Controller will begin the Video Feed stream after a brief startup period (approximately 10 seconds) and a stitched live stream will appear in the Summary View.


The preview output may display badges in the upper left corner, depending on the mode of operation:

Indicates exposure is matched across the camera modules during the stitch.

Indicates automatic white balance correction is being applied during the stitch.

In addition to the badges, there is also a button at the bottom left:

Pop_To_Window_Icon.png Opens the video feed in a separate window.

To stop the video feed, select the Stop Video feed button in the bottom right.

If the Video Feed Setup button is selected during streaming, a different preset or a different selection of modules can be chosen for viewing. Modules currently streaming have a purple border. Select the Start Video Feed button to restart the Video Feed stream.


Exposure Control During Video Feed

Exposure control can be tuned after starting the Video Feed to adjust exposure and receive real-time updates in the preview output to reflect any changes. Select the Control Exposure button to open the Exposure Control window.


Global exposure settings are located at the top of the Exposure Control window. Changes to the Global Settings will affect all modules. Exposure control for individual modules is located within each module preview frame, to allow fine-tuning on a per-module basis.Exposure_Control.png


Video Feed in List View - Watch Individual Streams

In the List View, individual module streams can be viewed using Video Feed.

To start Video Feed for a module, select List View, select the module and select the Play button in the bottom right of the center preview frame to begin the stream. 


Repeat these steps to start Video Feed for additional modules (up to 8 can be streamed at once). 

When a module is streaming, the Exposure Control options can be tuned to achieve a perfect capture. Any adjustments will be visible immediately in the preview frame.




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