Uploading OZO Footage to Jaunt Cloud Services

After you have captured your shot on the OZO, use the following steps to import your footage for stitching:

  1. Sign up for a Jaunt Cloud Services (JCS) Account (sign up form)
  2. Use Nokia OZO Creator app to export the eight MP4 camera videos and the processed (4.0) audio files
    • Export all files into a common folder. The folder will contain the eight camera videos as MP4 movies, the audio file, and a camera properties file (properties.txt).
    • For this example, let us assume you named that folder (containing all these files) "My_OZO_Export".
  3. From the Jaunt Cloud site (, use the 'Tools' icon in the upper right to download the Jaunt Media Manager. You will be using this software app to Import, Organize, Lock, and Upload your OZO recording.
  4. While in Jaunt Cloud Services, create a new project using the "Add Project" link.
  5. Install and launch Jaunt Media Manager. Log in with your JCS account email and password.
  6. The default Recordings directory is "Documents/Jaunt", and is shown in green text in the left sidebar of Media Manager.
    • If you wish to use a different folder to organize your recordings, select File -> Add Recordings Directory and choose a directory for your OZO footage. This new Recordings Directory will appear in the list in the left sidebar in Jaunt Media Manager. Set this directory as Primary by selecting Directory -> Set Primary Directory, or right-select on the directory you just added and click “Set Primary.” It will highlight in green once set as Primary.
  7. Select “Import” in the sidebar.
  8. Select File -> Import from OZO and select the folder with your OZO footage files (e.g., "My_OZO_Export" from above). There should be 8 video files, 1 audio file, and a properties.txt file. After selecting the folder, you should see progress displaying that the folder is being Imported.
  9. After the import completes, select the Recordings Directory, which is green in the left sidebar.
  10. Select File -> Organize.
  11. Select the recording name and enter any missing file properties in the right sidebar. NOTE: The Recording Property "Project" must be provided in order to properly proceed. Select the project created in step 4.
  12. Select the “Lock” button to commit your changes before uploading.
  13. Before uploading, make sure your computer has a fast and wired internet connection, if possible. This will speed up the process of uploading data to Jaunt Cloud Services.
  14. In Jaunt Media Manager, start the upload process by selecting the “Upload” button on the recording page.
  15. When the upload is shown as complete in Jaunt Media Manager, launch a Firefox or Chrome browser and go to
  16. Log in to your JCS account and view your Projects to locate the uploaded footage and continue with your production workflow.
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