Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How is Jaunt ONE controlled?

A: Jaunt ONE is controlled by the Jaunt ONE Controller application software. Jaunt ONE Controller allows you to:

  • start and stop recordings
  • capture preview images
  • view live video feed of your scene (up to 8 modules can be viewed)
  • modify exposure values (ISO, Exposure, and EV Bias)
  • format the camera's SD cards
  • update camera firmware

Jaunt ONE Controller is not required to start and stop recordings (instead use the 'Record' button on the Jaunt ONE handle), but is strongly recommended during setup to ensure the shot is framed correctly. 

Q: Does Jaunt ONE have a microphone?

A: Jaunt ONE contains 24 microphones in each of the camera's modules to record basic audio and audio signatures created in Jaunt Slate. A separate microphone is recommended to ensure the highest quality audio is captured with your footage. The Jaunt ONE kit usually includes a Core Sound TetraMic to capture 360º sound.


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