Removing /.dozer folder

Removing the Jaunt Media Manager cache folder can eliminate problems with authentication, missing projects, and other unexpected issues. The removal of this folder will "reset" Jaunt Media Manager and allow a fresh beginning.

The steps outlined below will walk through the process for removing this folder:

  1. Exit Jaunt Media Manager, if it is currently running
  2. Show hidden files and folder on your Mac
    • Launch the Terminal application on your Mac
      • Hold the Command key and press the Spacebar
      • Search for Terminal and press Return to launch
    • Copy and paste the following command into Terminal
      • defaults write AppleShowAllFiles YES
      • Press the Return key to execute the command
    • Relaunch Finder
      • Hold the Option/Alt key and right-click on the Finder icon
      • Select 'Relaunch' in the list
  3. In Finder, navigate to the current user's folder
    • Open a new finder window and select 'Go' > 'Go to Folder'
    • Type the tilde symbol, ~
    • Press the Return key to Go
  4. Right-click on the '.dozer' folder
  5. Select 'Move to Trash'

Following the completion of the above steps, launch Jaunt Media Manager to continue using the application for your project. 

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