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In addition to downloading videos from Jaunt Cloud Services through a browser, videos can be downloaded using the curl command line tool in Terminal. The curl command line tool is used to download files from servers and is available by default on Mac computers using Yosemite, El Capitan, and Sierra versions of MacOS.

The following command and syntax will download an individual video file from Jaunt Cloud Services:

curl --retry 999 --retry-max-time 0 -C- -O "Copied Download Link"

Replace the Copied Download Link section with the download link for the file. To get the download link, right-click the download link in Jaunt Cloud Services for the file.

The command will appear similar to the following:
curl --retry 999 --retry-max-time 0 -C- -O ""

Paste the command into Terminal and press the Return key to execute it. The download will initiate and progress displayed as the download continues.

When the download is complete, the file will be accessible on your computer and can be viewed in Jaunt Player.


The following explains the syntax and flags used in the above command:

  • --retry 999 - curl will retry the download 999 times if an error occurs
  • --retry-max-time 0 - curl will wait 0 seconds before retrying download
  • -C- - curl will automatically resume downloading where previously aborted
  • -O - curl will use remote file name for local file
  • "Copied Download Link Here" - replace this with the download URL of the file. Quotation marks are required to wrap the URL. 
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