Jaunt ONE Boot Up

  • After powering on Jaunt ONE, all status indicator LEDs will flash green while rig boots
  • Status indicator LEDs will stop flashing and remain solid green when boot up has completed. LED surrounding the record button will also be solid green.
  • Rig is ready for operation when all status indicator LEDs are solid green


Jaunt ONE Recording

  • Pressing the record button on the rig or initiating recording in Jaunt ONE Controller will change all status indicator LEDs and the record button LED to illuminate red
  • The red status indicator LEDs indicate that the camera is recording data to the SD cards
  • To stop recording, press the record button on Jaunt ONE or in Jaunt ONE controller
    • On firmware version 2.6 and below, the module status indicator LEDs will transition directly from red to green
    • On firmware version 2.7 and newer, the module status indicator LEDs will transition from red to orange, then from orange to green
    • The record button LED will turn green when all module status indicator LEDs have transitioned to green
    • Press the record button again to start the next recording

The output of each recording is a compressed video file stored on the SD card. The file name of each recording contains information about the rig and module serial numbers as well as sequence information necessary to synchronize the recorded data when importing through Jaunt Media Manager. Do not modify the filenames or folder structure of the SD card before importing data through Jaunt Media Manager. Use Jaunt Media Manager to back up SD cards when necessary.


Failures During Recording

Jaunt ONE will automatically stop recording if any single module experiences a critical error.  If one or more status indicator LEDs displays blue during a recording, view the article on Troubleshooting Fatal Errors to diagnose the problem.  If the status indicators are flashing green, one or more SD card may be full.  Check the page Troubleshooting SD Card Issues to identify which SD card is full.  


File Recovery

Specialized tools may be necessary to recover Jaunt ONE recording data off an SD card in the event that a camera module experiences a failure during recording. A failure can occur if there is a loss of power / dead battery, sudden SD card failure, or ejection of an SD card before recording can be stopped.

The following tools can be used to recover data:


Known Issues

  1. Recording does not stop when record button pressed
    • On firmware version 2.6 and below, all module status indicator LEDs transition to green except for module 14 which will remain red.  The record button LED will also remain red.  
    • On firmware version 2.7 and later, all module status indicator LEDs will remain orange and not transition to green. The record button LED will also remain red.
    • There is no loss of recorded data but power cycling Jaunt ONE is necessary to return the camera to normal operation.
  2. Unexpected SD card failure
    • Even when Jaunt ONE successfully boots and starts recording, a SD card may suddenly stop writing data during recording due to the SD card itself failing.
    • If a SD card fails during recording, one or more module status indicator LEDs will illuminate red and other modules illuminate blue
    • The SD cards in modules with red status indicator LEDs may need replacement
    • In the event of a SD card failure during recording, Jaunt ONE will need to be power cycled and the failed SD card replaced
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