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In the event that Jaunt Support requests Jaunt ONE camera log files, the following steps can be used to manually extract these logs from the camera.

Log files are stored on each individual camera module on the SD card. Two log files are present on each SD card, Log.txt and SysLog.txt. By using the attached script and the steps below, log files can be extracted from the SD cards. 

NOTE: This procedure is for advanced users and requires familiarity with Terminal on a Mac.


  1. Download the attached script file,
  2. Launch a Terminal window on your computer
    • Press the command and space keys simultaneously to search
    • Type "Terminal" followed by the return key
  3. Navigate to the folder the script was downloaded to
    • Example: cd ~/Downloads/
  4. Execute the following command: chmod +x
    • This command enables the script to be executed
  5. Insert USB hubs in computer and insert card readers into hubs
  6. Insert 8 SD cards from Jaunt ONE into the card readers
  7. Execute the script: <location on your hard drive to copy logs to> <optional source data (use only if cards appear with a name other than NO NAME)>
    • The script assumes the cards appear as "NO NAME*". If the card has a different name, provide the name using the second parameter
    • Example for SD cards labeled "NO NAME": /Users/JauntUser/JauntONELogs 
    • Example for SD cards with custom name: /Users/JauntUser/JauntONELogs "Renamed SDcard"
  8. Zip the logs and send to Jaunt Support


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