USB Connection Issues

Jaunt ONE - USB Connection Issues

In the rare event that USB connection issues occur during operation of Jaunt ONE, below are a few troubleshooting steps that can be followed to remedy the issue.


No USB Connection

A difficulty connecting to Jaunt ONE via Jaunt ONE Controller may indicate a need to update Jaunt ONE Controller. Download the latest version of Jaunt ONE Controller and update to the latest version before proceeding.

If updating Jaunt ONE Controller fails to resolve the USB connection issue with Jaunt ONE, use the following steps:

  1. Open the Apple Menu and select 'About This Mac'
  2. Select the 'System Report...' button:
  3. Select 'USB' in the 'Hardware' list:
  4. Expand the 'USB 3.0 Bus' item and look for items named 'USB2 28port Hub'
    • There should be nine 'USB2 28port Hub' entries.  In addition there should be a device named 'Jaunt Custom Class v02'
    • If there are no 'USB 28port Hub' entries, verify that Jaunt ONE is powered on (status indicator LEDs illuminated solid green) and double check the USB cable connection from computer to Jaunt ONE.
    • Refresh the System Report window by pressing Command+R on the keyboard.  If there is a device besides 'Jaunt Custom Class v02' listed under the USB 28port Hub, or if entries appear to be missing, try the workaround steps listed below. Contact Jaunt Support if problems with USB connection persist. 


USB Instability Workarounds

  1. Power cycle / reboot the camera and computer
    • If Jaunt ONE is able to connect to Jaunt ONE Controller but is failing to format SD cards, update firmware, start recording, etc., reboot the camera and computer. This procedure commonly resolves the connection issue and operation resumes normally.

The proper power cycle / reboot procedure is:

  1. Reboot Jaunt ONE - use the power switch to turn off, wait 10 seconds, and press the switch to turn on
  2. Reboot the computer
  3. Disconnect USB cable from Jaunt ONE camera and computer
  4. Reconnect USB cable, ensuring plugs are fully seated in both USB ports
  5. Launch Jaunt ONE Controller to retry USB connection

If neither of the above works, take note if the download/upload process keeps failing at the same percentage and contact Jaunt Support with this information.



In the event that rebooting Jaunt ONE and the computer does not correct the issue, provide Jaunt Support with the logs. How to extract Jaunt logs directly from the SD cards.


Formatting cards continuously fails.

If the USB issues are continuously interrupting the SD card format, disable the log file collection during format in Jaunt ONE Controller.

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