Disable Log File Collection During Formatting

When Jaunt ONE's SD cards are formatted in Jaunt ONE Controller, by default a series of log files are copied from the cards and uploaded to Jaunt prior to the format operation. These logs are provided to Jaunt to debug issues with Jaunt ONE diagnostic information.

If Jaunt ONE Controller hangs or experiences any issues during the format operation, temporarily disable the log file collection to resolve the hanging issue.

To disable the log file collection in Jaunt ONE Controller, do the following:

  • Launch Jaunt ONE Controller
  • On the menu bar, select 'Jaunt ONE Controller' and then select 'Preferences'
  • Select the 'Usage' tab
  • Select the checkmark for 'Grab Logs On Format' to change the checkmark to an 'X'
  • When the 'X' appears, log file collection is disabled
  • Close the Preferences window
  • Retry formatting the SD cards


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