Fatal Error

If Jaunt ONE detects an unrecoverable error, the status indicator LEDs will illuminate solid blue.

To diagnose a fatal error, connect your computer to Jaunt ONE via USB and launch Jaunt ONE Controller. Open the Global Log ('View' > 'Open Global Log' or Command-L on keyboard) and look for lines displayed in blue. These blue lines indicate the cause of the fatal error.

To handle specific fatal errors, compare the error shown in the Global Log to the following list:

  1. FATAL_ERROR_TYPE_DSP_ERROR: Jaunt ONE Controller will print a list of modules that encountered a DSP error.  Modules which consistently encounter DSP error may need repair or replacement.  If Jaunt ONE encounters a FATAL_ERROR_TYPE_DSP_ERROR, download all module logs and contact Jaunt support.  
  2. FATAL_ERROR_TYPE_ASSERTION: Jaunt ONE Controller will indicate which module encountered an assertion error.  If a module consistently encounters assertion error, it may need repair or replacement. Download all module logs and contact Jaunt support.
  3. FATAL_ERROR_TYPE_OPERATION_MODE: An operation mode fatal error may occur after performing a module replacement.  Update firmware to the latest version using Jaunt ONE Controller.  Submit a ticket if updating firmware to the latest version does not resolve the issue.
  4. FATAL_ERROR_TYPE_KEEP_ALIVE: Keep alive fatal errors occur when an individual module fails to execute normally. If Jaunt ONE consistently encounters keep alive fatal errors an SD card may need to be replaced or a module needs repair or replacement.  Download module logs and contact Jaunt support. 
  5. FATAL_ERROR_TYPE_TEMPERATURE_MAX: If any single Jaunt ONE camera module reaches maximum operating temperature, the rig will stop recording and enter a fatal error state.  Turn off the power and allow the rig to cool down to resolve this error.   
  6. FATAL_ERROR_TYPE_RIG_SERIAL: After performing a module swap the rig will boot into a rig serial fatal error.  This means that the rig serial number needs to be regenerated.  Use Jaunt ONE Controller to regenerate the rig ID. 
  7. FATAL_ERROR_TYPE_NAND_READ: If a camera module experiences critical data loss it may boot into a NAND read fatal error. Submit a ticket for further assistance.
  8. FATAL_ERROR_TYPE_FIRMWARE_MISMATCH: If there is a firmware mismatch fatal error, run a firmware update with Jaunt ONE Controller. The error should be resolved through a successful firmware update.  

If there is no response in Jaunt ONE Controller when connecting to the camera, reboot the camera and wait for connection.  A notification warning may appear in Jaunt ONE Controller if a critical hardware failure has been detected.

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