Jaunt ONE Startup Issues

Normal Startup Procedure

Immediately after pressing the power switch to turn on Jaunt ONE, the status indicator LEDs on each of the 24 camera modules will illuminate with a dim mix of blue and green color. After a few seconds, the LEDs will turn off, then start flashing green once per second.

The flashing will stop and remain solid green after 10-15 seconds when every module detects a writeable SD card has been inserted. A solid green LED appearing on all camera modules indicates the camera is ready for operation and no errors have been detected.


Troubleshooting Startup Issues

If the rig indicator LEDs turn a solid blue color instead of solid green, there has been a fatal error and requires additional investigation through Jaunt ONE Controller (see Troubleshooting Fatal Errors). 

If the initial green flashing pattern does not stop after 15 seconds, there may be an issue with an SD card (see Troubleshooting SD Card Issues) or with an individual module's boot cycle. The quickest way to distinguish between the two scenarios is to connect your computer to Jaunt ONE through USB and launch Jaunt ONE Controller. If Jaunt ONE Controller successfully connects to the Jaunt ONE camera, the error will be displayed and will most likely be a SD card issue (see this article for SD card issues). If Jaunt ONE Controller fails to connect to the camera, a module may have failed to boot.

Troubleshooting Module Boot Issues:

If an individual module fails to boot, the rig boot sequence will not finish and the status indicator LEDs will remain flashing green indefinitely.  Attempting to connect to the camera using Jaunt ONE Controller will fail and the program will report that the camera is not connected. Check the following:

  1. Examine Jaunt ONE and look for individual modules with a status indicator LED stuck in the dim blue and green state after powering up.  If a module remains a dim blue-green color even after power-cycling Jaunt ONE, it may need to be replaced. Contact Jaunt Support for help.
  2. Examine Jaunt ONE and look for individual modules with a status indicator LED blinking blue or solid blue. If a module's status indicator LED consistently turns solid or flashing blue during boot after a power cycle, it may need to be repair or replaced. Contact Jaunt Support for help.
  3. If all LEDs show a slow flashing green pattern and Jaunt ONE Controller is unable to connect to the rig, there may be a problem with the rig's internal components. Contact Jaunt Support for help.
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